Vassilia Guilloteau & Tidis – Abstract City – Single Review

The Greek EDM producer Tidis teamed up with the French vocalist Vassilia Guilloteau to put out the IDM two track split single Abstract City through the German label Flexibilia yesterday.

Vassilia Guilloteau & Tidis - Abstract City - artwork

Vassilia Guilloteau & Tidis – Abstract City – artwork

Prior to even thinking of hitting play – boost up the sub-woofers, turn up the volume and enjoy the stretch of your mind with the roughly thirteen minutes single.

Intriguingly, the A side – the French entitled Voyage Au Bout Du Temps headed by Vassilia features the half-spoken word text of the Greek poet Miltos Sachtouris.

Whilst the B side is the English announced Mary Lou headed by Tidis of even darker and equally scathed surface, though only a just over a third of the length.

Vassilia Guilloteau has no website or social media page to which I can link – Tidis does have a social media page.

Abstract City – Single – Vassilia Guilloteau & Tidis is available on iTunes.*

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Acide Adore – Dans Le Feu – Audio

Acide Adore is a France and England based dreamwave outfit.

Acide Adore

Acide Adore

The latest track, Dans Le Feu, wraps the listener in a layer of sumptuous scented oils which feed through the torso like a skilled massage wafting away the knots of muscle contractions and leaving the listener in relaxed and quiet repose some little while after the notes have faded far in to the distance.

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Funny Face – The Undecided Ghosts Chaser – Single Review

The project of the French musician Fanny SeguiFunny Face – released the ethereal-folk single The Undecided Ghosts Chaser yesterday.

Funny Face

Funny Face

A music creator with an extensive back catalogue of diverse material, yet each of haunting melodies and layered lofidelity texturing that captivates the listener.

The Undecided Ghosts Chaser, in common with previous releases is again a difference of approach, with the focus of the song highlighting the superlative and evocative vocal around which the dreamy acoustic and skipping percussion meander forms a song that for its very simplicity of construct delivers a drifting melancholia through the room which leaves the listener with  teary bloodshot eyes as it fades from earshot.


The Undecided Ghosts Chaser – Single – Funny Face is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

SegFault – Motoko – Video

SegFault is a French downtempo project.

SegFault - photo credit - Victor Chlouti

SegFault – photo credit – Victor Chlouti

The most recent song to surface – Motoko – was released as the second of the five tracks on the Metro A – VOLUME I – Sessions Polycarpe EP compilation released last week and signposted with the contribution by SLOGAN – Bérénice –  on the 15th. Lyon is a city on which I must focus closer attention and Metro A a label to get to know better with their preponderance for musical acts of the darker side of life…

…The film-noir waves of electronica and instrumentation cast darkened fog-bound shadows around the room as Motoko, like a looming threshing machine, presses the listener ever further in to the corner seeking safety from the oppressive soundtrack.


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Crookhaven – A Million Miles or More – Audio

Crookhaven is a folk duo split between France and the USA.



Their eponymous début LP surfaced towards the end of last month.

Not seeking to tear down any barriers Crookhaven, in the dozen track album (available from their website), infuse the listener with a feeling that there are good things in life as the LP traverses through romantic ballads, square dance inclusiveness, medieval-strumming, mid-west infused country and more, retaining the listeners interest throughout.

The second song is A Million Miles or More.


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