Low’s Museum – So Long – Audio

The English sadcore project Low’s Museum releases the LP Bathtub on the 7th of September.

Low's Museum

Low’s Museum

Rooted in dour-folk, the morose compositions become more teary eyed with synths, electronica, accordions and more, adding to the sense of melancholia drawn from the open guitar and forlorn vocal, yet as often the case, the deeper the mood of despondency in music, the greater the sense of catharsis by the listener.

Wandering through the eighteen track, approximately sixty three minutes album (available on bandcamp) although not leaving any dry handkerchiefs will leave the mind feeling becalmed of the worries of the moment.

While the LP is best heard in full to be able to experience the changes in ones own mood – the seventh track – So Long – serves as a not out of place introduction.

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Leddie MC – Something Gotta Give – Audio

The English hip-hop artist Leddie MC released the single Something Gotta Give yesterday.

Leddie MC

Leddie MC

The material always casts a scathing look at the world around, on occasion with a touch of sardonic humour, other times of more visceral mood, though always of lyrical wit and adept delivery that never bursts open the speakers, rather gathers its powerful messaging from the understated vitriol of societal structures that are failing for the majority.

Something Gotta Give, is available on bandcamp, word also arrives an EP is in train for release later in the year.


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She Makes War – Devastate Me – Audio

On the 28th of September the English grunge project She Makes War will be releasing the LP Brace For Impact.

She Makes War - Devastate Me

She Makes War

It has been a couple of years since She Makes War last featured, which isn’t quite as lackadaisical as may be speculated as Brace For Impact (available on bandcamp) is the follow-up album to the 2016 LP Direction Of Travel.

The first song to surface from the LP Devastate Me is also the first of the twelve tracks and signals of a release to add to the collection on release.

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Chantitown – Truth – Audio

Chantitown is an English sad-folk project.



Filling the room with a haunting melancholia as the captivating compositions roll from the speakers. The hypnotic draw to the music is the superlative voice as it is given space to spread its wings. The combinations of keys, acoustic guitar and electronica generate the dreamy atmosphere of the songs which have a tempting beauty that gently thread around the listener as the mesmerising textures layer through the ears.

My apologies, this has been sitting in my email inbox for a while, making me a little later than usual to the EP – Cause And The Cure which was released on the 17th. My selection of the five songs being the second track – Truth – which has a lilting traditionalist, verging on Indian sub-continental, immersive quality.


Cause and the Cure – EP – Chantitown is available on iTunes.*

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Yungblud – Die For The Hype – Audio

On the 6th the English agit-rock project Yungblud released the LP 21st Century Liability.

Yungblud - Die For The Hype


A roughly thirty five minutes, dozen track, album which has the ability to be simultaneously good time dance whilst also casting scathing commentary of society imploding in to its own self-created abyss.

The second song is – Die For The Hype.

21st Century Liability – YUNGBLUD is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.