Chantitown – Truth – Audio

Chantitown is an English sad-folk project.



Filling the room with a haunting melancholia as the captivating compositions roll from the speakers. The hypnotic draw to the music is the superlative voice as it is given space to spread its wings. The combinations of keys, acoustic guitar and electronica generate the dreamy atmosphere of the songs which have a tempting beauty that gently thread around the listener as the mesmerising textures layer through the ears.

My apologies, this has been sitting in my email inbox for a while, making me a little later than usual to the EP – Cause And The Cure which was released on the 17th. My selection of the five songs being the second track – Truth – which has a lilting traditionalist, verging on Indian sub-continental, immersive quality.


Cause and the Cure – EP – Chantitown is available on iTunes.*

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Yungblud – Die For The Hype – Audio

On the 6th the English agit-rock project Yungblud released the LP 21st Century Liability.

Yungblud - Die For The Hype

Yungblud – Die For The Hype

A roughly thirty five minutes, dozen track, album which has the ability to be simultaneously good time dance whilst also casting scathing commentary of society imploding in to its own self-created abyss.

The second song is – Die For The Hype.

21st Century Liability – YUNGBLUD is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

herbal tea – kitchen floor (4am) – Single Review

The English lofi project herbal tea released the single kitchen floor (4am) yesterday.

herbal tea

herbal tea

Introduced as one half of Sleep Radio, Helena Walker, in the guise of herbal tea, is able to trace NREM patterns of the brain in the hazy slowly rotating tracks, of which there are only two.

kitchen floor (4am) (available on bandcamp) initially meanders through the room in threads of guitar and vocal, gradually and almost imperceptibly transitioning to a keys led composition, adding to the muzzy mellowness of the song and a testament to the strength of songwriting in being able to completely change shape and atmosphere in the space of three and two thirds minutes without the listener ever being consciously being aware.

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Dave Hanson – It’s In Our Hands – Audio

The English blues-rocker Dave Hanson is working towards a new LP.

Dave Hanson - photo credit - @s.l.rhodes

Dave Hanson – photo credit – @s.l.rhodes

A new song form the forthcoming album, It’s In Our Hands, surfaced yesterday.

Opening with what appears to be heading towards some militarist triumphalist parade, the track soon veers off in to an immersive soul-blues-soaked rock’n’roll track that finds the listener stomping alongside in delight.

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Cat Ma – Strangeways Here We Come – Audio

It was almost a year ago that the English glo-wave project Cat Ma last featured.

Cat Ma - Strangeways Here We Come

Cat Ma

The newest track to surface – Strangeways Here We Come – came out yesterday is of very different demeanour with its slippery slidey keys that buttresses a chalked hopscotch beat and dry vocal in a margin under three and a half minutes of infectious delight which finds the listener skipping around the room with broad grin on their face.

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