Maurice Louca – The Leper – Audio

Maurice Louca, an ambient dreamscape creator from Cairo (Egypt), releases the LP Elephantine on the 1st of February 2019.

Maurice Louca - Photo by David Višnjić
Maurice Louca – Photo © David Višnjić

An extensive body of work, Elephantine (available on bandcamp) stretches to thirty nine minutes in its six tracks which draw from a dozen musicians in a cinematic creamy nexus of varied North African and Middle Eastern oasis that minds of traversing a wadi by star light.

The opening track is the almost eight and three quarters minutes – The Leper

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Nadah El Shazly – Barzakh (Limen) – Audio

Nadah El Shazly is an Egyptian experimental-rock creator.

Nadah El Shazly

Nadah El Shazly

With only one release around – Ahwar – which came out earlier in the month and is available on bandcamp, though a highly experienced musician. Nadah El Shazly is able to challenge both local societal norms whilst equally throwing down the gauntlet to a wider global audience to appreciate different roots of music and if one is minded to pick up the glove the listener will find themselves engrossed in a roughly thirty eight minutes, six song, collaborative début LP in which all sense of time dissipates.

By way of an introduction the second song and also the longest, extending to a tad under eight and two thirds minutes – Barzakh (Limen).

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