Band of the Month – September 2018 – Readers’ Choice

Whilst of very different musical styles both the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for September and the Editors’ do have a commonality of continent and country – both from Australia…

Justin Franks – Band Of The Month September 2018

Justin Franks

… the Readers’ Choice – with only one track to hear – the acoustic-folk musician Justin Franks.

Heart Wants – Single – Franks is available on iTunes.*

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Aidan Maizels – San Graal – Single Review

Aidan Maizels is an experimental-rock creator from Melbourne (Australia).

Aidan Maizels - Photo by reub.

Aidan Maizels – Photo by reub.

The compositions throw, what is seemingly a random variety of, electronica, instrumentation, effects and loops in to the blender which are melded in to engaging threads of music.

The most recent track to surface (which is available on bandcamp), San Graal, fuses vocoder, synth, guitars and perhaps as an even more indicative nature to the intricacies and detail of the creations, three different recording locations, to deliver a song that has a science fantasy outer space trippiness to it, which scatters through the room in darting threads of addictive articulation, that finds the listener instinctively immediately hitting replay.

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Aaron Joseph Russo – Home – Audio

The Australian anxiety-wave creator Aaron Joseph Russo will be releasing the LP First in October.

Aaron Joseph Russo

Aaron Joseph Russo

The ten track album comprises of music that continually changes both tempo and intensity leaving in the listener a sense of imminent imperilment as the glitchy lofi instrumentation, electronica and subsumed vocal spark each against the other as though shorting electric cables.

The fourth song on the LP, which was revealed yesterday, is the ellipsoidal rotation of Home.

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Justin Franks – Heart Wants – Single Review

The Australian acoustic-folk creator Justin Franks released the single Heart Wants on the 10th.

Justin Franks

Justin Franks

Perhaps it is just coincidence, or  may be not, that I often find with musicians who have spent years with an itinerant lifestyle, their music has a calming touch, tonality along with a reach that extends around the world.

Franks, who spent decades out at sea, now docked to a harbour, has created in Heart Wants a song that immediately minds, longer stay readers on the site will also spot, of the music by the Swedish musician Steffan Rundquist.

I get the feeling the world would be a calmer place if more people pulled up their roots for a while and discovered that borders between countries are just lines on a map and they don’t need to divide people.


Heart Wants – Single – Franks is available on iTunes.*

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BAD MATH – Funkadelic – Audio

BAD MATH is an Australian triphop producer.

BAD MATH - photo by @shotbyshon

BAD MATH – photo by @shotbyshon

A shift in dynamics from being a rap artist to one of generating soundscapes to express ideas, has seen BAD MATH take more experimental concepts to task along with melding different styles of music – which is evidenced in the latest track to surface, a triptronic take on soul-groove, which by song title encapsulates the roughly two and three quarters of music contained in the wrapper.

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