Evelyn Cools – Here’s To You – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US based alt-folk creator Evelyn Cools last featured.

Evelyn Cools - Here's To You

Evelyn Cools

When last featured the Belgian singer songwriter was based in England and now moved to the USA and returning with a slightly different feel, laid to a more melancholic backdrop set to a fragile architecture which affords brighter spotlight to the singular and tender vocal.

Here’s To You, released on the 29th of May is one of a series of singles scheduled for release.

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Winter – Zoey – Audio

The US based ethereal-gaze project Winter releases the LP Ethereality on the 6th of April.

Winter - Zoey


A couple of tracks have surfaced from the album (which is available on bandcamp) in advance of its release. The most recent Zoey, the third of the ten songs, came to light a few hours ago.

Zoey – floats through the room like a hazy mirage as the dreamy vocal is borne on a soft bedding of echoing guitar and the listener finds themselves throttling back to allow the bustle of the day to leave them far behind and ensconced in the gossamer threads.

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Denisse Takes – Surround Me Now – Audio

The USA based dreamwave project Denisse Takes is planning on releasing the LP Release next year.

Denisse Takes

Denisse Takes

Three tracks from the forthcoming release have been packaged as a three track single Fever which having had the opportunity to hear, attests to an LP  of creamy-ethereal countenance to add to the collection.

One other song that has been made available for reveal – Surround Me Now, which is my pick of the four – leaves the listener sensing they are drifting through the interstellar cloud of a Nebula.


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Kramies – I Wish I Missed You – Video

The US based melancholic-alt-folk creator Kramies is working on a new LP.

Kramies - I Wish I Missed You - artwork

Kramies – I Wish I Missed You – artwork

Whilst in Ireland writing new songs for the album Kramies also found inspiration in the surrounding area to write a series of tracks which will not be on the LP – one of which I Wish I Missed You (available on bandcamp) was released on the 27th of October.

A drifting mist of sadness shrouds the listener in the reflective composition.

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Loyal Lobos – Dirt – Single Review

Loyal Lobos is the US based project of the Colombian melancholic-rock creator Andrea Silva.

Loyal Lobos

Loyal Lobos

Prior to going anywhere near the output of Loyal Lobos do ensure you have a handkerchief to hand to wipe away the tears which will spill from the eyes.

The most recent track to surface – Dirt – commences with spaced notes of guitar which is soon cloaked by a slow-stepping and loosely sprung snare drum that instantly provides a sad countenance to the track, prior to the accompaniment of the fragile, breaking, vocal before gradually building in to a wash of intensity that ebbs and flows through a composition which contemplates of the nature of destructive relationships that, by their very nature, predominately consist of short rising highs that are immediately followed by lengthy deep troughs of despair prior to finally and inevitably collapsing in to self-extirpation.

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