Grey Watson – Love Is Good, Its #1 (feat. The Visions) – Single Review

The South Korean based electro-alt-rock project Grey Watson released the single Love Is Good, Its #1 yesterday.

Grey Watson

Grey Watson

More typically releasing music of less optimistic feel Love Is Good, Its #1 is an electro-washed celebration of all the positives of love without being either a slushy fest of ‘new love’ nor an exposition of long term relationships – rather an upbeat statement of principal.

The almost pragmatic starting point of perspective enables the song to have both a feel-good vibe, whilst retain a depth of sonic structure as guitars and electronica weave through each other. The vocal spinning in and out of focus and tempo changes gives the track a vaguely retro funk-groove underbelly.


Love Is Good, Its #1 (feat. The Visions) – Grey Watson is available on iTunes.*

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LOV3 MOT3L – Tizzy (SAMES) – Audio

Split between South Korea, Spain and Australia – LOV3 MOT3L is a glitch-wave trio.



Perchance it is due to the time-zone combinations and hemispheres in which the three players approach the music, however it comes about, there is a fascinating discombobulation that tips out of the speakers, enmeshing the listener in a delightful puzzle of soft electronics, jangling instrumentation and melted percussion that like an unexpected present delights and confuses by its very presence.

Released recently was the LP – Outside’s Broken (available as a cassette version with a bakers dozen of tracks on it on bandcamp or as a digital version with a dozen tracks also, though separately, on bandcamp) – my selection being the fifth track on both versions – Tizzy (SAMES).

Those of sharper hearing and longer stay may be reminded of the synths of Superborg Boy and you would be right there is a commonality in both iterations.

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