RAMZi – Brazili – Audio

The Germany based EDM project of Phoebe Guillemot –  RAMZi released the LP Pèze​-​Piton on the 6th.



A nine track album (available on bandcamp) of melting compositions which encase the listener in wraps of tightening bonds of drying wet leather from which they have no desire to escape, rather to enjoy the constriction which results in the forehead bulging veins whilst struggling for air.

The sixth track is Brazili.

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Phia – Oxide – Audio

The Germany based Australian synthwave creator Phia releases the EP The Woman Who Counted the Stars on the 29th.

Phia - The Woman Who Counted Stars - artwork

Phia – The Woman Who Counted Stars – artwork

The ethereal soundtrack of Oxide, from the forthcoming release, immediately holds the attention as analogue synths and fuzzy guitar drift across the room through which the vocal peers through the rising mist. Whilst there is much activity in there is an unhurried dreamy spaciousness to the song.

A month long tour around England, Germany and Austria commences on the 14th, with five dates in Australia starting on the 30th of November.


The Woman Who Counted the Stars – EP – Phia is available on iTunes.*

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Morrin – You Show Me The Way – Video

Morrin is a Germany based electrowave creator.



It is always interesting to follow the journey of musicians and Chris Morrin is one who has featured from time to time since 2009 with Reader’s Wives – in 2010 with Robotnik and in 2013 with Blood & Honey.

Now – having taken time out concentrating on poetry and film he returns as Morrin with focus as a live performer of music of protest against a system that is failing the vast majority – by way of introduction – a rendition of the track You Show Me The Way.


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Candice Gordon – Nobody – Audio

The Germany based rock project Candice Gordon released the single Nobody recently.

Candice Gordon

Candice Gordon

If you are reading this whilst using a mobile, even if connected with headphones – I suggest you throw that idea out of the window prior to hitting play.

As regular readers will be aware I so often posit – music heard through the tinny noise of a mobile telephone is never any means by which to listen to music and if that is your means of connecting with this site, probably best never bother to waste your time rather gravitate and satisfy yourself with the world of mainstream music algorithmically generated for the masses perfectly attuned to mobile telephony.

Find a full speaker system and turn up the both the bass and sub-woofers and you will feel the hairs on your arm blowing in the breeze as the dark clouds descend in to the room whilst your feet crush themselves in to the floor, merely, be careful you don’t end up with fractured calcaneus as you stomp around the room.


Nobody – Candice Gordon is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Lighta Soundboy – Mama Africa (Soundsystem) – Video

Lighta Soundboy is a Germany based electro-reggae creator.

Lighta Soundboy

Lighta Soundboy

The four track EP Almighty is Jah Jah was recently released.

By way of an introduction to a musician I expect to return to again – the third number is Mama Africa (Soundsystem).

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