Johnny Brock – Reasons After Reasons – Audio

The England based alt-rocker Johnny Brock released the LP Labrador on the 11th.

Johnny Brock

Johnny Brock

Delivered through a gauzed filter the compositions on the approximately twenty three minutes, seven track, album (available directly from the Johnny Brock website) have a softened measure which permits the emotive context of the songs to find greater expression.

The songs are well executed, balancing the stark structure of the framework, with a depth of texturing the doesn’t overwhelm the initial thought process though adds an intrinsic context for the listener to find more to takeway.

My selection from the release is the antepenultimate and most uptempo on Labrador – perhaps least typical of the overall release given what is written above – Reasons After Reasons.

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Gian Luca & The Oak – The Pale Lady From The Coast – Audio

Gian Luca & The Oak is an England based alt-folk project.

Gian Luca & The Oak

Gian Luca & The Oak

Drawing reference point from US southern-folk Gian Luca & The Oak delivers music which has an unexpected upbeat lilt to it as a wide plethora of instruments cheerfully trot around the room.

The début LP The Flowers Never Grown (available on bandcamp) is six tracks of easy to engage foot-stomping and by way of an introduction – the penultimate – The Pale Lady From The Coast.


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Astrid Gnosis – Troll – Audio

The England based dystopian-EDM creator Astrid Gnosis releases the LP Agnosis on the 24th.

Astrid Gnosis

Astrid Gnosis

Within the past four hours the second of the six tracks on the album – Troll – was made available.

Reaching in to the deepest recesses of the listeners cerebrum, in Troll, akin an aural descriptive of  the works of Huxley, Gnosis infects the mind with a brooding critique of a societal malaise in which the populace acquiesce to their own brutalisation.

I would add – do grab Agnosis from bandcamp – do turn up the volume and sub-woofers prior to hitting play.


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Calligraphist – Godspeed – Audio

Calligraphist is an England based Bulgarian dystopian-hop creator.



After a three year gap Calligraphist returns with the intriguing just over seven and a third minute track GodSpeed.

A piece which collaborates with five other musicians – featuring three voices, trumpet, a B♭ cornet, along with more familiar instrumentation in a composition that seeps its way in to the listeners bone-marrow. The raw rambling narrative is delivered to a finely judged musical accompaniment and the listener finds themselves reminded of the nature of the dream sequence structure of Bunyan’sThe Pilgrim’s Progress.

Calligraphist is unafraid to deliver material which is, akin to Marmite, either repelling or attracting and unlikely to have any other reaction. The fact I am asking you to spend time in company with Godspeed lets you know that I do enjoy the structure of this track which is a delicious friction of contrasting calmness and the frenetic discordance of a lead vocal which tumbles through quizzical ponderings of the world around failing to find resolution.

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