Rachel M & Ceri Davies – Is He Sleeping? – Audio

The England based dark-rock collaboration of Rachel M and Ceri Davies will be releasing the LP Rehabilitated on the 6th of June.

Rachel M

Rachel M

Is He Sleeping?, from the forthcoming nine track album, is a dark rumble of crunched guitar and eerie vocal that surveys the room in a disdainful manner as it paces back and forth in ever more impatient mood creating an atmosphere fraught with tension which transfers to the listener, filling them with a sense of fearful uncertainty and chilling dread.

Ceri Davies

Ceri Davies

Rachel Msocial media page

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AJK James – Here Comes Your Fight – Single Review

AJK James is an England based electro-blues project.

AJK James

AJK James

The most recent song to surface, which appeared on the 3rd, Here Comes Your Fight draws in, like a magnet, tinctures of disparities of ideas to deliver a soft orb which, much like a stress ball, that by its tactile squigginess makes everything external seem peripheral and thereby sloughs off the wrinkles of the day.

Despite being ambient in delivery, there is much happening underneath the surface, with electronica pooling thoughts of space odyssey and percussion loops providing the motion as the synthesised guitar gently unfurls in the undulations of the sound while a quietly rippling vocal tickles the earlobes.


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Band of the Month – December 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The final post for 2017 arrives with the Readers’ Selection for the Band Of The Month for December.

Locks - Band Of The Month - December 2017


Based in England – Locks.

Skeletons – Single – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

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Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – Video

It has been over three years since the England based sardonic-rock project Valerio Lysander last featured.

Valerio Lysander - I'm screwed - artwork

Valerio Lysander – I’m screwed – artwork

The latest release, a one track plus one remix single, I’m screwed (available on bandcamp) discovers a different set of brushes heading to the canvass.

Whilst the distinctive voice is immediately recognisable there is a more rancorous perspective, that snaps through the room in a track that reflects of a world receding in to silos of isolation disregarding anything other being in a fortified bunker, which lays under a warm blanket of keys, acoustic guitar and kazoo.

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Mahadev OK – Love Dimension – Audio

Mahadev OK is an alt-rock creator from France and based in England.

Mahadev OK

Mahadev OK

There is an infectious inclusiveness in the songs created by Mahadev OK with their uplifting tempo that threads through the music, which draws deeply from the roots of the summer of love.

Predominately acoustic guitar led,  semi-acoustic and full electric do come to the fore from time to time, allowing Mahadev OK to create music with a diversity of sounds, though always able to sprinkle sunlight through the room.

By way of an introduction to a musician I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

social media page

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