Wælder – Omr – Video

Wælder is an ambient drone duo from Austria and Germany.



On the 2nd of March the vinyl LP Non Places will be released through Denovali Records.

The second of the eight tracks on the album is Omr – which showcases their combinations of distorted electronica and natural instrumentation which  grips the room in an oppressive vice-like grip.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Harmonica Creams – Thirtyy Ears – Video

The Japanese celtic-folk band Harmonica Creams release the LP Stereotype on the 28th of March.

Harmonica Creams

Harmonica Creams

The first song to surface is the second of the ten on the album – Thirtyy Ears – an instrumental number which showcases their always intriguing blend of celtic-folk with influences from both Southern-blues and the more local traditions to deliver music which is a superlative fusion and east and west.


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ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) – デラシネ (Derachine) – Video

ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) is a Japanese EDM creator.



The most recent reveal to surface being a live version of デラシネ (Derachine) recorded at the 14th Tokyo International Music Market.

Regularly to be found playing at packed events throughout Japan where prerecordings and live versions of tracks which are delivered to enthusiastic audiences.


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Prima Donna – 4 Real – Video

The US rockabilly quartet Prima Donna release their eponymous LP on the 30th of March.

Prima Donna - photo credit - Dawn Laureen

Prima Donna – photo credit – Dawn Laureen

On hitting play in 4 Real, the first of the eleven tracks on the album, the audience is reminded that despite all the chaos in the world there are still some bright spots too.

Serving as an antidote to the daily grind – dig out those winklepickers and join in with party moment that is 4 Real.


S/T – Prima Donna is available on iTunes.*

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Scattered Clouds – 5xx – Video

The Canadian darksynth duo Scattered Clouds released the two track single 5xx on the 8th.

Scattered Clouds - photo credit - Jamie Kronick

Scattered Clouds – photo credit – Jamie Kronick

The room is filled by luxurious atmospheric waves of sunth, instrumentation and shadowy vocal as Scattered Clouds deliver, in 5xx (available on bandcamp), a six minutes reveal of two distinct elements with the brooding title track being joined by the retrospective B side –  America – which minds the listener of Kraftwerk.


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