whenyoung – See How They Run – Single Review

Freshly out of the blocks, whenyoung is an English fuzz-rock band.



Whilst newly minted, whenyoung are experienced musicians who decided to get together and try some fresh ideas.

The first single to surface – See How They Run, takes an old British nursery rhyme about three blind mice and turns it into a salacious commentary, worthy of a space as part of the landscape of Clockwork Orange, of the mores of the 21st Century. whenyoung cast an aloof commentary, akin to the specious mendacious parsimony of mainstream media mediocrity, in a track that appropriately lasts for a mere one hundred and twenty second filler before main commentary comes to salve the sheep – The weather…

A talented group of musicians who have gained traction before even appearing on stage – but stages they have booked. I merely hope this is not a band more interested in manipulating the manipulated, time will tell.

For now – a superb piece of social commentary sponged in a fuzzy template that can stand the speakers rattling.

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Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Echotape release the single We’ve Been Dreaming on the 25th.

Echotape - We've Been Dreaming


The single is a more whimsical journey than much of their work as Echotape embed a folkiness to We’ve Been Dreaming, though they do retain their distinctive bounciness which finds itself with interweaving between multi-voice choir giving the track an intriguing sound.

Percussion jogs along cheerfully whilst around gently surface acoustic and electric guitars and the bass steps back from the space for much of the almost three and three quarter minute track and it is due to the easing in and out of the various elements in We’ve Been Dreaming that gives it its impressive composition in a piece where vocal forms the focus of attention.

There is enough for those who are already fans to recognise, whilst marking out slightly different territory that will captivate others as Echotape provide a tenderness in We’ve Been Dreaming that isn’t often exposed.

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The Love Barons – Happy Together – Single Review

The Love Barons – a band from England release their début single Happy Together on the 31st March.

The Love Barons - Happy Together

The Love Barons – Happy Together

Most certainly a band I would like to get to hear more about and review when more songs are available. were formed less than a year ago.

Happy Together is an atmospheric track clocking in at just over three minutes, which has a touch of shoegaze  in what is a fine début release.

Opening with a thematic guitar percussion combination, the band move into full flow with music that has the feel of purple velvet. Gently caressing the listener in a warm embrace, the track melts through the room, creating a sense of fondness and interlocking eyes.

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