Muscle Beach Petting Zoo – Rate Of Decay – Single Review

The US murky-rock quartet Muscle Beach Petting Zoo released the single Rate Of Decay yesterday.

Muscle Beach Petting Zoo

Muscle Beach Petting Zoo

Often to be discovered playing around their local area, for those of us further afield there is scant material available to hear, so it was with some pleasure they got round to releasing Rate Of Decay (available on bandcamp).

Opening with a throbbing strings there was little chance I wouldn’t be enthralled and such proved to be the case as the just under three and a half minutes track revealed itself.

Muscle Beach Petting Zoo deliver combinations of arithmetical articulation melted into a grungy template giving the material a somewhat experimental air, yet they do not push at the edges of the envelope, providing the listener a track that has a clear direction of travel through the ever pressing percussion, whilst the rich interweaving guitars provide the depth of textures as the loosely strung bass strings provides the track with its gloopy stickiness that I find particularly inviting.

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