Blind Beggar – Mothers Little Angel – Single Review

Blind Beggar is a scuzzy-rock quartet from Wales.

Blind Beggar

Blind Beggar

Akin to having your drains cleaned by jet-powered washers Blind Beggars cover the listener with the jetsam, flotsam and lagan as they clear the pipes of the speakers. There is a deluge of delayed grunge that pours forth as the quartet add a bluesy merseybeat twist to their sounds in which the audience is delighted to wallow.

Their most recent track Mothers Little Angel takes a cynical side-swipe at the clinging to the past in a just over four minute track that finds the audience growling in sympathy with the chorus.

While not a track to add to the Happy Birthday playlist Mothers Little Angel is most certainly one to add to the collection of moments of introspection, as are the other three tracks I have been able to hear.

I aim to come back to Blind Beggar later in the year with more thoughts.

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