New Year Ninety 2018 – 20 to 11

Reaching the final rundown of the New Year Ninety 2018 – from 20 to 11.

Junior Bill - New Year Ninety 2018

Junior Bill

20. Erica Dawson ( USA)

19. Approaching Black & White (USA)

18. Proxy Love (England)

Oh My Love (Look at the Mess We’ve Made) is available on bandcamp.

17. Junior Bill (based in Wales)

Above Your Station – Junior Bill is available on iTunes.*

16. Leah Lawson (USA)

Sheets is available on bandcamp.

15. Mothra Stewart (USA)

God Is a Surfer/ Cosmic Coincidence – Single – Mothra Stewart is available on iTunes.*

14. Mosquito Cabaret (USA)

13. Cavalcade (England)

Silver Bones – Single – Cavalcade is available on iTunes.*

12. Locks (based in England)

Rattle Them Bones – EP – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

11. Something To Do (USA)

Tina Fey II / Hotline Bling is available on bandcamp.

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Mosquito Cabaret – River King – Single Review

The US romanî-folk quintet Mosquito Cabaret released the single River King on the 11th.

Mosquito Cabaret - River King

Mosquito Cabaret

Swirling in to earshot River King (available on bandcamp) immediately grabs the listener by the wrist and launches them in to a ring of pulsing beat in a track that is best heard in company with others with interlocking arms, clapping hands and stomping legs revolving around the room.

Whilst rock’n’roll has a timeless resonance, romanî can often surpass the earthy abandonment with its default mode of inclusiveness and once again Mosquito Cabaret deliver a track of immense delight in which to loose any sense of self-consciousness and just dance because there is no other option.

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Mosquito Cabaret – Lost In A Maze – Audio

Mosquito Cabaret is a US based world-dance quintet.

Mosquito Cabaret - Photo by Tony Bijeaux

Mosquito Cabaret – Photo by Tony Bijeaux

With only one collection of songs to hear contained within the EP –  Lament of the Lonely Bloodsucker (available on bandcamp) there is much to enjoy in the four track, dozen minutes or thereabouts, release. Each song takes the listener to a different country for a traditional dance sound that finds the listener joyfully clapping hands and stomping feet, whilst the dark lyrical content contemplates of narrative of less sprightly mood, resultingly the audience is left with tears of sadness dripping from the cheeks whilst the eyes simultaneously sparkle in pleasure.

By way of an introduction – the second track Lost In A Maze – which directly references the mythology of Mr Sandman, who sparkles good dreams on those sleeping, whilst the lyric tells of brooding thoughts; highlighting the essential juxtapositions of Mosquito Cabaret and what makes them such a pleasure.

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