Dinosaur Eyelids – More Than Nothing – Audio

The US rock band Dinosaur Eyelids released the LP Left Turn On Red on the 24th.

Dinosaur Eyelids

Dinosaur Eyelids

This is another review which necessarily begins with an apology. Back in February 2015 I was sent an email by Dinosaur Eyelids, which I only now, as I type, have got round to opening – and auspiciously it is also one of those – good timing moments – as it means I am able to listen to a brand new album – Left Turn On Red – which is available on bandcamp.

A thumping eleven track LP of classic rock, which has the listener furiously playing their air-guitar alongside the emphasised bars which crunch through the speakers in blues annotated pressure waves of power-drums, loosely tied bass strings and soaring vocal –  you have it right – turn up the volume.

The penultimate track is More Than Nothing.


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