Monograms – Sleep Cycle – Single Review

The US sludge-rock band Monograms revealed their latest track Sleep Cycle on the 1st.

Monograms - Sleep Cycle


It was last year that Monograms were introduced and their latest reveal finds them in even more oppressive mood, to the extent that I am writing these words whilst sheltering under the desk (so apologies for any typographical errors as peering to look at the screen is fraught by bullets firing from a hidden machine gun that seems to have taken up a position inside the subwoofer).

Other than to advise turning everything up to maximum volume to enjoy both the high-pitch of the tweeter breaching gazey guitars and the sub-woofers with the Bren combination of bass and percussion that rattle through the room, with the mesmeric vocal unfurling through everything – before hitting play have a plan as to where you can find safe cover in a hurry.

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Surfacing from New York in the USA the trio of IanJosh and Mike form the new-wave band Monograms.

Monograms - new-wave from the USA


Combining elements of Blondie and shoegaze the listener is led into a treat of CBGBs reworking as Monograms elongate flat extenders far more than is politic and it is for this melodious drone that they capture the attention.

Only a band from Brooklyn or San Francisco could display such disdainful disinterest in their out-put that the listener falls into a tumble of delight as they deliver a sound which the audience carries high on their own shoulders. Early Blondie and the life cycle of The Nuns and Ramones were able to carry-off the nonchalance with such aplomb as underneath the laissez-faire delivery Monograms have a passion to reflect of how they feel treated by the world around their lives.

A couple of EPs behind them Downer and FaderMonograms is a band the wider sphere needs to add to their playlist to remind them of the contempt with which the 1% treat the 99% as they reflect of the branding of the slavery of socio-capitalism by which the bailout of banking is deemed a ‘success story’ followed by decades of ever greater collateral damage of the irrelevant 99% of the worlds population to maintain the posture of what was a failure of a economic and social model in the ’70s and their forbears protested about that is coming home to roost in the ’10s.


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