Make Like A Tree – Happy B Song – Video

Make Like A Tree is the indie-folk vehicle for Sergey Onischenko, originally from Ukraine to release his thoughts musically.

Make Like A Tree - Animal - artwork

Make Like A Tree – Animal – artwork

The LP Animal, set for release on the 3rd of December, is based on Sergeys experiences travelling through various countries over the past two and a half years, with each of the eight tracks recorded in a different country, often with collaboration of locally based musicians.

Happy B Song, the first track on Animal explores connections with nature and features the French musician Fred Roudet on Trumpet accompanying Make Like  A Tree in a five and a half minute journey of introspection.


Animal is available on bandcamp through Monkey Records.

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Broad Oak – In Love With These Hills – Video

Broad Oak based in Germany via New Zealand is the solo project of the founder of Monkey Records (whose artists appear regularly) – Nigel Braddock.

Monkey Records

Monkey Records

A début single – In Love With These Hills has appeared with a video.


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Mamaku from Auckland in New Zealand is an earth-rock outfit centred around Tui Mamaki and Monsieur Escargot.

Mamaku - earth rock from New Zealand


Formerly known as The Mamaku Project they have taken sounds from around the world to extrapolate a sense of serenity with which they embalm the listener. There is a theatrical resonance to the performances which is ideally spotted within Burning Man. Mamaku proffer cohesiveness on a global scale as tracks rumble out of the speakers shaking the very foundations as they seek, like a bolt of lightening, to earth.

Resonating of traditions of ancestors Mamaku deliver a sound of the present day with their extensive use of electronics, 21st Century Tribal roots, perhaps would be a better description. Wrestling with the pretentious the music stays on the right side of the line and it is best when listening to allow the musicians to do all the thinking and as a member of the audience to revel in the mystical presentations.

Well received in previous releases, I have had the opportunity to listen to the eleven track, fifty five minute release, Twigs Of Gold, coming out on the 24th. This release takes Mamaku to a different level altogether and well worth grasping hold of when available.

Once again, thanks to Monkey Records for a fine introduction.

In my view one of the weakest tracks on the forthcoming release, but I don’t have permission to share the best of them, sadly…..


Twigs of Gold – Mamaku is available on iTunes*.

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Graveyard Love

Graveyard Love is the alt-electro vehicle for Hamish Black from Auckland in New Zealand to deliver his perspective of the angsts and travails of life.

Graveyard Love - Alt-electro from New Zealand

Graveyard Love

The material encapsulates the imagery Graveyard Love is seeking to excoriate. Blending electro-pop and industrial distortion there is a bleak isolation to the sounds, whilst simultaneously the listener is given the sense of lancing a festering wound as the extrapolation of the music whilst bleak has an under-current of hope, which for its very opaqueness shines brightly in the minds-eye.

Given my regular comments that a song should be over in three minutes, it may come as a surprise that even getting towards four minutes on the longer tracks I just wish they were longer, as like a good scratch, there is a need to have just one more go and so it is with the music which burrows away into the head.

Whilst there is some evidence of samples on some tracks it is in the main fresh and well written original music which Graveyard Love bends to creative the brooding atmospherics.

Another fine introduction through Monkey Records.


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Rooms Delayed

Rooms Delayed is the vehicle for the ambient drone musings released by Vincenzo Nazzaro from Bologna in Italy.

Rooms Delayed - ambient drone from Italy

Rooms Delayed

Rooms Delayed offer extended pieces of melt-water which flow in a seamless transition of instrumentation, spectrally flecked with transitions of unfocussed vocal. As tracks fade away the listener is left with ears hurting from the silence with the steady sound of a pulse inside the head.  The luscious dimensions of the music wrap their way deep inside the mind and time becomes irrelevant with the only thought being a need for more.

One just feels the desire to head to a flotation tank to gain full value from the compositions and I was left with the feeling that this is probably what suspended animation would be like. The brains pulses end up slowing, to the point whereby even mental visualisations become too much for the slowing synapses and there is nothing left to do other than let Rooms Delayed take over the conscious and subconscious being.

Some reviews take me an extraordinary  amount of time to write, this being one  – as I write with the music playing – normally on the first complete listening, aiming to provide you with the sounds that first hit my ears and this review is taking time simply because my brain is struggling to function at all.

A new EP coming out on the 22nd November – Nothing Lighter – through Monkey Records should be enough send those of us in the Northern Hemisphere through hibernation until Spring.


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