Sophisticated Dingo – Money – Audio

Sophisticated Dingo is an Australian garage-rock duo.

Sophisticated Dingo - Photo credit - Jackson Greatz

Sophisticated Dingo – Photo credit – Jackson Greatz

The essence of garage is often lost in post production.

Fortunately with Sophisticated Dingo none of the rawness is dissipated, as the duo superbly distil the concept, of a band racking up a damaged portable amplifier, drumkit and a microphone inside a brick garage with a concrete floor, hanging up half a mangy carpet that was found in a skip, on a wall, to lend the air of a top quality studio and then just enjoy life banging out rattling tunes while the neighbours all bury their heads under cushions – what more does really music need to get to the true essence of it all I ask myself? The answer being – nothing at all.

The most recent track to surface Money (which is available on bandcamp) – is – rock’n’roll in its finest element.

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Avalanche Party – The Avalanche Party EP – EP Review

The English alt-rock quartet Avalanche Party released the EP – The Avalanche Party EP on the 1st.

Avalanche Party - Avalanche Party EP - EP Review

Avalanche Party

Opening the sixteen minute, five track release is the briefest song – Obstacle, which is also my pick of the release, with its furious scavenging hunt around the room in tempestuous scowling. I get the sense that Syncrude Tailings Dam Mildred MLSB would be struggling to hold this piece of music behind the concrete.

Next is Revolution, which more dedicated readers will recognise from a post in May on the sister site Indie Music Videos.

The halfway stage is Mountains, which portrays Avalanche Party in a completely different mood as the voice is pushed to forefront in their most melodic piece thus far. Well worth a listen as it demonstrates the genuine musicianship that allows Avalanche Party to so easily launch fusillades of soundwaves, which form coherent constructs and a testament to their collective abilities.

The penultimate track – Let’s Get Together is another storm-trooper of wall of sound as the familiar territory is regained and sits as an oblique angle to the previous number.

Closing out The Avalanche Party EP is the song that was used to introduce the band back in April – Money.

The Avalanche Party EP is available on bandcamp.

A superb first EP and I am already salivating over the first LP. I will let you know of more news, as it becomes available, about a band with the potential to travel far, if they decide they wish to dig a route to victory in this shallow trench of the world of music.

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Avalanche Party – Money – Single Review

From Castleton, North Yorkshire, in England have surfaced Avalanche Party.

Avalanche Party - Money - artwork

Avalanche Party – Money – artwork

Those of longer readership will recall The Chapman Family, reviewed initially in 2012. Out of the ashes of that quartet and with union of elements of a band never featured 3 Foot Ninja emerge Jordan Bell ( Vocals / Guitar), Owen Corrigan (Guitar / Keys), Kane Waterfield (Drums) and Joe Bell (Bass) to form the alt-rock band Avalanche Party.

Squirrelled guitars jump out with cheeks full to pour melodrama to a film-noire template of keys and percussion as the bass funnels the route of direction whilst a scintillating vocal floats high above akin to a ships Crow’s nest look-out calling the reefs.

I have word that an EP is set to surface in May, which will be preceded by one other track.

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Money is available on bandcamp.

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Tidal Waves – Money – Video

The South African ever touring Tidal Waves were videoed in live performance of Money.

Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves

Money is track ten of the twelve on the LP Africa.

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Afrika – Tidal Waves is available on iTunes.*

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