Molino – Villain – Video

Molino, the alt-rock band from the Netherlands are finalising details for a new LP.

Molino - Villain


A live version of the track Villain, which will be on the album and is from the more forlorn song book of theirs, has recently surfaced and sets the scene for a release I look forward to discovering more from in short order.

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Molino – Forlorn – Video

Word arrives that the alt-rock septet Molino from the Netherlands are working towards the release of a new EP.

Molino - Photo credit - Susana Martins

Molino – Photo credit – Susana Martins

The track Forlorn, from the forthcoming release is of darker electronica than music of theirs which has featured previously with a throbbing bass pulse that shuffles the sub-woofer around the room as it bends the window glass – laying, as it does, against a forlorn vocal – affording the composition a menacing shadow that looms over the the threshold which is heralded by a stereophonic of heralding brass.

I very much look forward to the new EP – about which I am unable to tell you much at this stage, for which I apologise, though will expand upon in due course.

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Molino – Gangly Limbs – Audio

Molino is an avant-garde septet from the Netherlands.

Molino - Photo credit - Atsushi Yukutake

Molino – Photo credit – Atsushi Yukutake

Their latest track to surface – Gangly Limbs – by title alone explains with some clarity the conceptual ideas of Molino.

Swathed in free-form jazz and maths rock influences the collection of five wind instruments, both brass and reed, accompanied by drums, synths, odds & ends and voice gives the septet a distinctive sound that akin to Marmite will have you either recoiling or dipping in for another slice of buttered toast and yeast extract, the fact I am suggesting you spend part of your day listening to them, indicates that not only do I like Marmite, I also like the music.


Gangly Limbs – Single – Molino is available on iTunes.*

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