Bleached Bones – Modern Lovers – Single Review

Bleached Bones is a new English electro-glitch trio.

Bleached Bones

Bleached Bones

The somnambulate ambient textures of their début single – Modern Lovers which came out on the 14th are spliced by schisms of fractious static which gives the track a delightful discordance that captures the attention of listeners, whilst melancholic vocal discourses of the vexatious relationship reality of the late ’10s where to be connected has come to identify with disconnected pixels on a screen each running round in their own silos whilst ‘liking’ random plaintive shrieks for attention.

I am minded to think of this as the revisionism of ’80s new-romanticism where, as then, dismal loneliness is momentarily satiated by being under the same flashing strobe of vague unity.

The isolationist sadness of Bleached Bones makes me look forward, with already growing impatience, to their next piece of music.


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