AciD – Never On My Mind – Audio

The US mod trio AciD release the LP The In Part Of The Out Crowd on the 7th of September.

AciD - photo by Jenny Vickers

AciD – photo by Jenny Vickers

The retrospective concentrate of the tracks lifts the listener immediately to south coast summer beaches of England in the ’60s with scooters, parkas and dark sunglasses spoiling for a rumble with rockers.

Taught drumskin allows percussion to ping across the room like a dart, the bubbling bass gives the countenance of an ill-temper brewing just under the surface while compacted guitar occasionally stretches the strings as though a snarling dog looking to slip the leash with the laid-back vocal which reverberates in to an elongated sneer gives the music an unexpected, though goes some way in identifying the source of the name of the band, beatnik tincture.

A ten track album which contains numerous highlights – with Never On My Mind – the third song – being my pick of the release. A song which pulls to memory something else, which I can’t quite bring to the forefront of my mind to name, though you may well recall immediately.


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Social Room – Take – Single Review

The English mod sextet Social Room revealed a new track just a few days ago.

Social Room - Take

Social Room

Introduced just a few months ago as electro-indie, which I did enjoy – hence asking you to give it consideration. Time has given them a new perspective and I have to say one I far prefer as the music punches through the room in skiffle beat that has the listener wondering what precisely did happen to the old parka and moped whilst imagining a ride out to the South Coast of England.

Feel the breeze in your hair as the sharp dips and cutting highs scissor through the room in Take as you stomp delightedly in elongated footstep – immediately reaching for the rest of the two-tone collection.

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The MANICS – My Marie David – Audio

The Swedish Mod trio The MANICS released the three track single My Marie David on the 31st of December.

The MANICS - My Marie David


As always – The MANICS in My Marie David deliver a solid punch of instrumentation and drumming which flies out of the speakers like a coiled spring being let-loose.

The day after the release The MANICS announced they are no longer playing as an entity.

My Marie David – Single – The Manics is available on iTunes.*

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The Everglows

The Everglows from London in England is the mod-rock trio of Andy Smith (Guitar / Vocals), Ray Brodrick (Drums) and Steve Perkins (Bass).

The Everglows - Mod-rock from England

The Everglows

Rev up the Vespa and get on the ride with The Everglows and there is nothing to do other than let the wind flow through your hair as you head to the South Coast. Whilst inculcated with threads of times gone before, the trio have the ability to turn the clock forwards to the 2010’s.

Originally formed as a covers band The Everglows, whilst now playing original songs, are still making the transition from composers to translators and the early steps show considerable promise, this is a band to keep a eye on. The retrospective influences are steeped deeply, but through stepping amongst the catalogue of the new compositions one can find some glistening diamonds of sharp creativity which speak of the hear and now.

The Everglows is a band in transition with much to say and when they hit the peal are able to transliterate the currency from the roots to deliver some shatteringly smart tunes, which will have you seeking a foot-board for your motorcycle.

Do keep your ears out for these guys for the future.

As you know, I am not only a heavy drinker, but a smoker rarely without a cigarette alight, so it is of little surprise I would choose this song as my selection for you to get to know The Everglows.

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The Riots

The Riots a Mod band from Moscow in Russia is Sasha Bolotov (Vocals /Guitar), Alex Shanin (Vocals / Drums) and Kirill Usachev (Vocals /Bass).

The Riots - mod rock from Russia

The Riots

Referencing the UK ‘late ’70s The Riots have updated the mod derivative new wave to another angle as they reflect on an overbearing bureaucracy intent on dictating every moment of life. Whilst drawing considerable influence from The Jam and regular readers well know my disdain for that trio, they nonetheless pique more than a passing interest.

This is another agit outfit from Russia who are able to escape the full wrath of the Russian Bear and I am minded to posit that if you sing in English, in Russia, red-pens don’t quite know what to do with it. The visceral lyrics are explicitly targeted and fire finely honed darts of invective as The Riots explore the space in which they live.

Sonically the delightful rumblings of the sub-woofers bounce off the walls as the music bounds around the room like a feral cat seeking an escape route and the listener can’t help but to flail their body in vague syncopation.


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