Frank is a mod-rock quintet from Wirksworth in England comprising – Craig Wheeldon (Vocals), Garry McCabe (Rhythm Guitar), John Priestley (Lead Guitar), Andy Page (Bass) and Tom Furnival (Drums).

Frank - mod-rock from England


The sounds that thunder around the room remind of ’60s Mod and progressive rock as the pulsating music of Frank finds the listener split between donning a parka or allowing the washes of sounds to flow around the brain.

A solid wall of percussion and bass pummels the brain as the lead guitar joins in the punches to the face, which is pared down by a rhythm guitar that gives Frank an outstanding range of melodies that underpin the out-put, whilst vocal adds a distinct reference to Paul Weller, which gives the band a distinctive space. Given, as you know if you are a regular reader, The Jam is one of those nemesis bands of mine, it surprises me as much as it will you – that I am enthralled and have the quintet on my ‘must have’ playlist.

About a year old, sadly there isn’t much I have been able to hear and I hope Frank are able to rectify this in short order as those of us not local for live performances are missing out on an out-put that will appeal to an international audience.

There is a feisty edginess to Frank that captures the imagination as the driving sounds and delightful hooks find arms and legs flailing in syncopation.

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The Everglows

The Everglows from London in England is the mod-rock trio of Andy Smith (Guitar / Vocals), Ray Brodrick (Drums) and Steve Perkins (Bass).

The Everglows - Mod-rock from England

The Everglows

Rev up the Vespa and get on the ride with The Everglows and there is nothing to do other than let the wind flow through your hair as you head to the South Coast. Whilst inculcated with threads of times gone before, the trio have the ability to turn the clock forwards to the 2010’s.

Originally formed as a covers band The Everglows, whilst now playing original songs, are still making the transition from composers to translators and the early steps show considerable promise, this is a band to keep a eye on. The retrospective influences are steeped deeply, but through stepping amongst the catalogue of the new compositions one can find some glistening diamonds of sharp creativity which speak of the hear and now.

The Everglows is a band in transition with much to say and when they hit the peal are able to transliterate the currency from the roots to deliver some shatteringly smart tunes, which will have you seeking a foot-board for your motorcycle.

Do keep your ears out for these guys for the future.

As you know, I am not only a heavy drinker, but a smoker rarely without a cigarette alight, so it is of little surprise I would choose this song as my selection for you to get to know The Everglows.

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