Angie McMahon – Missing Me – Single Review

The Australian gritty-blues creator Angie McMahon released the single Missing Me on the 26th.

Angie McMahon

Angie McMahon

A sumptuous vocal is joined by a scratched guitar minding of gnarly wind blowing through a plain scattering tumbleweed over dust, leading the audience to take shelter in the nearby ramshackle saloon bar only to discover they have entered the most gracious hostelry they have ever wandered in to and after an afternoon of settling in comfort with the companionship reluctantly realising they do have to depart only to retain the memory forever in their mind.

I look forward to supping more whisky in a lonely spot with a sawdust floor somewhere on the road with Angie McMahon in the future – as correctly posited – I am already missing you.


Missing Me – Single – Angie McMahon is available on iTunes.*

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