MIRS – Moonlighting Mission Man – Audio

The US electronica project MIRS was introduced last year.

MIRS - Moonlighting Mission Man


The newest single to be released which came out on the 29th of August, available on bandcamp, whilst still containing the under-current of chants is a more pressing affair creating a song with expanding and contracting atmospherics which invites the listener on a journey of their own imagination as the track frameworks an internal narrative which each listener will experience uniquely whilst lost in their own thought processes.

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The art-rock project MIRS is centred around Amir Motlagh from Los Angeles in the USA who released the EP Canyon on the 6th.


Gnotti contemplates MIRS

On hitting play you will discover the sounds scrabbling under the floorboards in a freneticism of encroaching electro-static. With material dating back three years – sometimes as a solo project at others with collaboration there is an ever present sense of a mole digging tunnels in the dark and in Canyon we discover the culmination as the excavations reach sunlight.

Those of longer or more personal stay will know I have a dog – Gnotti who sits with me as I write articles and his pick of the release is the opening track of the LP (available on bandcamp) – for self evident reasons –  Coyote.

My selection is the closer Streetlight.

We both agree – an EP worth investing time to hear and a musical project to get to know in far greater detail.


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