Milton Star – Things Fall Apart – Video

The Scottish brooding rock duo Milton Star were introduced in December of last year.

Milton Star - Things Fall Apart - artwork

Milton Star – Things Fall Apart – artwork

A new single is due for imminent release – Things Fall Apart, which finds the duo in more orchestral space.

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Milton Star

Hailing from Fife in Scotland comes the brooding-rock duo of Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie who form Milton Star.

Milton Star - Brooding -rock from Scotland

Milton Star

As regular readers know, I do have a predilection towards deep notes and there is absolutely no chance I could avoid asking you to spend some time with a rich baritone vocal, add to which a morose funereal procession of purple velvet oppressive cloud encircles the room, Milton Star is an out-fit I highly recommend taking time to get to know.

Summoning images of crimson welts dripping blood, Milton Star is not to be taken with a razor-blade to hand as the luxuriant sounds encase the mind in a beautiful sadness that draws illimitable inconsolable perspectives from the darkest recesses of the mind. I am led to Leonard Cohen as Milton Star circulate with their reflections.

The compositions contains textures which belies only two players as Milton Star combine intense melodic formulations with a continual flow of under-current, which gives the sounds a depth of exploration that most multi-player line-ups fail to deliver. The duo are experienced musicians who have used their knowledge to form an entity which is able to afford the audience an emotionally complex journey of discovery.

How the pieces would transpose to live performance is another story all together, as Milton Star deploy various instruments and techniques to produce their luxuriant recordings.


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