From Port Adelaide in Australia comes Ben Marwe (Vocals / Guitar), Alex Cameron (Guitar), James Bartold (Bass) and Miles Wilson (Drums) who make up the garage rock outfit Bad//Dreems.

Bad//Dreems - Garage Rock from Australia


Drawing from the gritty realism of Port Adelaide, the name Bad//Dreems references both the environs and the hopes. It is not a surprise to find they are beginning to gain a global audience as across the world this dichotomy between harsh realities of day to day life lie in contrast to personal aspirations and just avoiding becoming sucked into the vortex is a daily grind, whilst behind the chaos, inside the mind, the human spirit wants a ‘better’ life.

Evocative tracks descriptively resonate of the malaise whilst there is a triumphalism of optimism that shines through. Delivered in a haze of rattling percussion the guitars swirl like apparitions through which an embodiment of dawn emerges, capturing the aspirations of the audience.

Whilst very much borne of a location and time, there is a timeless and geo-portability to the sounds and I would hope Bad//Dreems to emerge as a band many people around the world instantly recognize over the next year or so.


Badlands – EP – Bad//Dreems is available on iTunes*.

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