Mike Meagher

Mike Meagher from Groveland, Massachusetts in the USA is a self named alt-rock project.

Mike Meagher - alt-rock from the USA

Mike Meagher – alt-rock from the USA

Scampering around the room like an infestation of cockroaches Mike Meagher delivers a soundtrack which speaks of societal disapprobation. The festering tumult of darkly spaced sounds rake the linings of the timpani with malcontent, as scowling bass leads the foray whilst an ominous percussion harangues the systole and diastole to tachycardia. A blistering guitar harking of stadium rock gives the out-put wings whilst the vocal gives the music deeper resolution.

Those of longer memory will recall the correct pronunciation of Meagher.

An experienced musician – Mike Meagher, has taken time to finesse his ideas, as he has previously shirked from voice and this added dimension finds the music of far greater significance and rounder proportions. The resulting out-put would fit live venues, but as a committed solo performer, creating tracks through the labour of love, creating each constituent part, expect never to see Mike Meagher appearing anywhere near you soon.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music at your own party. I would advise a wide dance-floor as the gathering will soon be flowing with their own air-guitars.

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The catalogue of songs is available on bandcamp.

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