Mikael Delta – The Sky Inside Me – Audio

Having released the LP Life Is Now in late October, the Greek ambient-house Mikael Delta is back and putting together some new ideas.

Mikael Delta - The Sky Inside Me

Mikael Delta

Still a developing composition The Sky Inside Me, which was made available a few hours ago, is a piano piece and an interesting insight into the creative process on a track that resonates of dark moments of contemplation.

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Mikael Delta – With My Whole Being – Audio

The Greek ambient-house creator Mikael Delta is set to release the LP Life Is Now on the 26th.

Mikael Delta

Mikael Delta

The eighth of the eleven tracks – With My Whole Being – filters into the room with a quiet, unbeholden, entrance. Combinations of orchestral strings and synthesised sounds gently wrap the head in softly placed ribbon, which slowly and ever more urgently presses around the head.

As the track gradually intensifies so the sense of gentle massage begins to feel like vices gripping the cranium until, as calmly it arrived, the pressure eases to leave the listener sensing they have undergone a de-cluttering of the synapses and clarity prevails.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Life Is Now – Mikael Delta is available on iTunes.

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