Jerome Pullen Jr. – Eternal Blaze – Audio

The US grunge-wave project Jerome Pullen Jr. released the EP Midnight yesterday.

Jerome Pullen Jr.

Jerome Pullen Jr.

There is perhaps a certain inevitability that the third of the five tracks – Eternal Blaze which is the most outspoken of the material as it shaves the edges from the plaster would be my pick of the release with its scathing contortions which hammer holes in to the marrow of the listener and finds speakers jumping across the desk in a lo-fi fuzzed feedback.

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Rexxy – Midnight – Video

It was early last year that the US synth-wave project Rexxy was introduced.

Rexxy - Midnight - artwork

Rexxy – Midnight – artwork

The latest single, Midnight, which was released last month, finds Rexxy in a more expansive mood than previous material, with hints of shoegaze and more strongly featured melodies. Giving the track greater variety of texture and I hope this signifies a direction of travel for future compositions.

Midnight – Single – Rexxy is available on iTunes.*

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