New Year Ninety 2014 – 70 to 61

The New Year Ninety Chart once again showcases a diversity of music styles reflective of the varied interests of the readers of the website who make it all worthwhile and I wish you all the best for 2014.

New Year Ninety - The best independent music

New Year Ninety – The best independent music

70. The Varsity (England)

69. Mi Mye (England)

Sometimes Life’s Cool – Mi mye is available on iTunes*.

68. LaDiDa (Sweden)

67. Slint (USA)

Spiderland – Slint is available on iTunes*.

66. The Chapman Family (England)

Cruel Britannia – The Chapman Family is available on iTunes*.

65. Comfort Slacks (USA)

Biscuit Face – Comfort Slacks is available on iTunes*.

64. The Newds (England)

Ready – The Newds is available on iTunes*.

63. Sculpture (England)

62. Van Funk (Canada)

13 – Van Funk is available on iTunes*.

61. Cable35 (Malta / England)

Fungus – Cable35 is available on iTunes*.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Mi Mye

Mi Mye is an alt indie band based in Wakefield England with the line-up of Jamie Lockhart (Vocals / fiddle / guitar / piano), Rob Slater (Drums) and Danual Chadwick (Bass).

Mi Mye - artwork for Sometimes Life's Cool

Mi Mye – artwork for Sometimes Life’s Cool

Having originally formed as a concept by Jamie a decade ago in Skerray in Scotland there is still a rich seam of celtic folk to be found in the material. I am given to mind of Reader’s Wives with the the wry look on the world through the eyes of the songwriters. Sporadic releases over the past few years sees Mi Mye with a new eleven track LP Sometime’s Life’s Cool being released on the 4th November and having had the opportunity to hear the new release

I can say it find the band in great form with a more rock centric sound to the LP than previous releases, that isn’t to say there are not sidesteps into the more acoustic folk foundations. Sadly I am unable to stream any of the tracks at this point, but hope to be able to rectify that in due course.

With the alternative spectrum of instruments at their disposal the band is able to deliver inflections of sounds which greatly enhance the emotional twists and turns of the music as the listener is taken on the tumultuous turmoil of anxiety and isolation. The journey travelled is wrapped in sumptuous playing and though they do occasionally add a fourth member to the line-up, the audience can’t help but be impressed by the breadth of ability the musicians possess.


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