Mexico City Blondes

Centred around Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher, the indie-synth out-fit, Mexico City Blondes adds Jesse AumillerJordan Chetakian and Scott Pritchett in live performance, is based in Santa Barbara, California in the USA.

Mexico City Blondes - indie-synth from the USA

Mexico City Blondes

Mexico City Blondes pour out lugubrious slowly paced notes and individual elements that seem to pulsate idiosyncratically around the room, prior to coalescing on hitting the ear to form a luxuriant nap, which wraps the listener in melting fibres.

Combining influences of funk with new-romanticism and dream-wave Mexico City Blondes is able to unify solidly resonating instrumentation with subtle electronics, which merge with a mystical vocal, giving the resulting out-put only a fleeting touch of the timpani before exploding into tiny fractal fragments which rebound around the brain. The effect being that the mind sparkles with champagne bubbles of sound.

Building on the back of strong recordings, which capture the attention of global audiences, Mexico City Blondes is developing a live audience base, as intrigued by the out-put as the wider listeners.

Expect to hear more of Mexico City Blondes over the coming year, it will be interesting to find out if they fully fledge as a quartet or remain distinct units.


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