March Division – Metropolitan Fragments – LP Review

The Italian band March Division released the seven track LP Metropolitan Fragments on the 10th June.

March Division - Metropolitan Fragments - artwork

March Division – Metropolitan Fragments – artwork

Opening with Friday Will Come a lament of wasting life in pursuit of the fruitless in a track that switches between pin point clarity and heavily masked – a fine start to Metropolitan Fragments.

Lonesome Prisoner is a groove laden piece with a pulse that rebounds through the bone marrow. This shows March Division at their finest as they combine the instruments and electronics with more than a nod to ’60s pop.

Uniting acoustics with computer code and an Indian-subcontinent timbre creates an intriguing space and Black Noon makes the whole EP worthwhile on its own in just a fraction over five minutes of fascinating merges of sounds.

Marking the half-way point is the shortest piece on Metropolitan Fragments at just about three minutes – Hangover Morning, which has an ambient experimentalism to its measured pace.

Out Of Sight is more derived from Americana as the track slips and slides around the room in an easy flowing piece of music.

The appropriately named Metropolitan Fragments continues its journey with another musical reference in the guise of Star Guitar and its space-rock theme which is my pick of the release.

Closing out the thirty three minute LP is Urban God in which March Division head towards an electro-dance number, to which again they add their own flourishes and surprises.

Given the variations of styles you may have the impression that Metropolitan Fragments is bitty, far from it. The tracks make perfect sense given the context and is enhanced by the diversity of influences, which despite their disparity contain the central theme of the release as identified in the opening track.

Metropolitan Fragments – March Division is available on iTunes*.

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March Division

March Division is the electro-rock collective of Andy Vitali (Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synths / Programming), Emanuele Platania (Drum / Percussions / Drum Machines), Mattia Pissavini (Keyboards / Synth / Vocals) and Stefano Lai (Bass / Synth Bass / Vocals / Programming) from Milan in Italy.

March Division - Electro-rock from Italy

March Division

March Division are on a journey of exploration with changes in core sound since their formation in 2010. In the main, rock derived pieces were prominent in their first release back in 2012, Radio Day Dream. The 2014 EP Post Meridian Soul had  a heavier dance feel to it. It will be interesting to see where the new EP Metropolitan Fragments scheduled for release later in 2014 will direct these very able musicians.

The combinations of technology and instrumental are fused together to deliver a sound which has a natural timbre. Building the tracks from the perspectives of instrumental and drum-kit March Division creates music which has an immediacy, whilst the extended electronics provides the sounds with a more luscious feel than would otherwise be possible. Despite the plethora of gadgetry to hand the band don’t over complicate it and create music which percolates smoothly into the ears.

Well received in Italy as a live act, they have also made fleeting international appearances and it would be good to see their range of opportunities extend further as their songs of everyday life potentially resonate across the world.

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Post Meridian Soul – EP – March Division is available on iTunes*.

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