Chiro – Bender – Video

The Danish metal quartet Chiro are set to release the LP Tunnel later this year.



From the forthcoming album the second track to appear Bender threads a knot of dark oppressive guitar that unhurriedly herds the listener in to the corner of the room with its menacing, prowling presence as Chiro deliver a composition that is riven with sense of a predator waiting to pounce.

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As Paradise Falls – Starblind – Video

The Australian metal quintet As Paradise Falls will be releasing the LP Digital Ritual on the 21st of July.

As Paradise Falls

As Paradise Falls

Pugilistic percussion and guitars launch through the room as snarling vocal joins in with the affray, though there is far more than ill-temper to the music. As Paradise Falls are also able to underlay the tracks with expressive melody and intonation with everything held in tight rein allow them to deliver compositions containing multifarious texturing.

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Vias – Call Of The Raven – Audio

Vias is a Canadian metal quartet.

Vias - Photo by Daniel Wesser Photography

Vias – Photo by Daniel Wesser Photography

Best engaged with your head between a couple of speakers playing at full tilt to fully experience the furious pace and volume of the quartet, who recently released their début EP Deflower (available on bandcamp) and an impressive first offering it is too.

Although on initial sight the songs are all about pace and volume, there is far more to Vias than just that as they deliver tracks that contain strong melodic interplay between the two guitars and they are equally able to suddenly change pace and direction mid-bar without any of them loosing step.

For aficionados of the genre Vias (formed out of the embers of I Am The End) is most certainly an outfit to keep an eye out for and for those who are less enamoured of metal, I do posit spending time in their company will not be a part of your life that you will regret investing.

From the five track EP – the second number – Call Of The Raven – which comes in at just over nine minutes of sublime composition and delivery.

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Dreaming Awake – Friction – Video

The US metal quartet Dreaming Awake are set to release the LP Friction Lives on the 14th of April.

Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake

The first track to surface and almost title piece Friction is an impressive blend of hiving rock sensibilities tied with a duality of vocal which threads betwixt guttural epiglottis and the additional tempered voice of Jeremy Gilmore from SycAmour giving the song an impressive array of acoustic levels.

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A Breach of Silence – Broken – Video

From the LP – Secrets coming out on the 24th the Australian metal outfit A Breach Of Silence reveal a new song.

A Breach of Silence - Broken

A Breach of Silence

As always to be anticipated Broken – the tenth of the thirteen tracks on the album – threatens to destroy the speakers as A Breach Of Silence deliver their ruminations of the world around in blistering combinations of instrumentation, percussion and voice yet, as always, there is a measured pacing to the track which makes their music accessible to everyone.

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