Meltybrains? – Heartfelt Hummer – Single Review

It has been almost three years since the Irish ambient-electro-rock quintet Meltybrains? were last featured.

Meltybrains? - photo by James Craven

Meltybrains? – photo by James Craven

Heartfelt Hummer was made available a few hours ago and is immediately recognisable. The distinctive use of various instruments and electronics blanket the room in muffled calmness from which ponderous waxing and waning flickering shadowy off-stage sounds steep their way into the ears.

Meltybrains? is able to deliver music that is simultaneously becalming and unnerving, as the hidden menacing ponderous presence stills its way into the bones of the audience.

I only hope it doesn’t take me another three years to get back to Meltybrains? as their material always fills the mind with a haunting gentleness that adds much to the day.

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