Melting Clouds – Point Is A wind – Video

The Ukrainian psychedelic duo Melting Clouds are due to release the LP Zirconium later this month.

Melting Clouds - Point Is A Wind

Melting Clouds

As is their wont Melting Clouds do not hurry along the first track to surface from the album – Point Is A Wind as the music drifts languidly into the ears.

Fusions of electronica and guitar fold into one another as the sounds seep out of the speakers, whilst a gauzey vocal commentary adds to the dream-state of the composition. Stretching to twenty seconds under seven minutes at five and a third minutes the track suddenly implodes into itself and the concluding elements are sharpened by horn and organ.

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Melting Clouds

Melting Clouds from Kiev in Ukraine is the psychedelic duo of Dmitriy Levchenko (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard) and Ivan Talaychuk (Keyboards / Vocals / Guitar) plus additional players as makes sense.

Melting Clouds - Psychedelia from Ukraine

Melting Clouds

Drifting into the room Melting Clouds take over the brains synapses and the listener will find themselves floating in a timeless vortex as the duo extend notes and ideas into unending mists.

Melting Clouds are rightly uncompromising with their compositions, which seek the listener to change their thinking processes to engage with the music and if that step change is taken, there is a fascinating space in which to tarry a while. In many ways reminding of ’60s inspired psychotropics, the duo nonetheless have brought the proceedings to current times and whilst somewhat experimental there is a coherence to the songs.

The extended tracks, despite their length and style, have a natural rhythm which allows the brain to focus on the sounds, whilst the body relaxes into the ambience and if you allow yourself the time, you will find an evening has passed by seamlessly.

Their video material can be as uncompromising as the music and this one features drug taking and nudity, so choose or not, to listen to six minutes of aural intoxication by Melting Clouds.


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