Saskwatch – Fortress – Audio

The Australian mellow-rock band Saskwatch released the LP Manual Override yesterday.

Saskwatch - Fortress


A bakers dozen track album that takes the listener on an expansive journey in the just under three quarters of an hour of its duration as Saskwatch bring to the fore a diversity of instrumentation and architecture whilst always retaining a low-key melancholic folk rooting to the compositions.

In the middle track on the LP Fortress – violin and acoustic guitar take spotlight affording the song two distinct introductory paragraphs prior to deliquescing in to a mellifluent ballad.

Manual Override – Saskwatch is available on iTunes.*

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Captain Wilberforce – Stickleback Toffee – Audio

The English mellow-rock quartet Captain Wilberforce will be releasing the LP Black Sky Thinking on the 27th.

Captain Wilberforce

Captain Wilberforce

A dozen track, approximately forty four minutes, album that settles in to the room akin to settling in to a favourite armchair. Whilst unobtrusive, the LP has an unerring ability to make the listener feel better for its company.

Riven with melodies and ballads Captain Wilberforce in Black Sky Thinking are not seeking to start a revolution or make grandiose life statements, yet, there are plenty of moments in life when all that is wanted from music is something to make everything seem a little warmer and more comfortable; at this the quartet are adept.

Not exactly biting at the leash to get new material to the audience, with this being the follow up to the 2011 LP Ghost Written Confessions, there is little doubt that upon the arrival of the album the world will be a better place for its adornment.

My selection from LP is the penultimate track, coincidentally the shortest too and of quickest tempo – Stickleback Toffee.


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