Dear Life, – Find My Rhythm – Audio

The English melancholic-rock quartet Dear Life, will be releasing the LP Hello Frankenstein! on the 11th of June 2018.

Dear Life,

Dear Life,

The dark beauty of the music on the album lays in its melodic twists and turns of synthetics and instrumentation which brings to mind of exploring a dark cave with only a flickering candle to light the way casting long shadows through the faint glow.

A ten track LP of brooding ambient rock has a hypnotic attraction from which the listener secures a feeling of quiet reflection in which to contemplate.

Over the build up to the release of Hello Frankenstein! a track will be appearing monthly the first of which is Find My Rhythm, the third song on the LP, will be available as a standalone single on the 11th of December.


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ANIQO – New Signs – Video

The German melancholic-rock project of Anita GossANIQO is finalising release detail of the début LP.



From the forthcoming album – New Signs – features guest vocals by Annie Hardy showcases the style of the songs, with its gradual build-up and notable spaces between chords which gives the the track an air of dark despondency that cloaks the listener in its sadness.

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Heart Beach – Perfect – Audio

The Canada based – Tasmania originating – melancholic-rock trio Heart Beach are set to release the LP Haircut on the 1st of November.

Heart Beach

Heart Beach

A ten track album of drifting sadness which rather than leaving the listener feeling morose leaves them having undergone a catharsis as Heart Beach deliver music that has an intrinsic beauty which flows deep through the bone-marrow warming up the body from inside.

In advance of the release of the album a couple of tracks of surfaced (available on bandcamp) and by way of an introduction to a band I look forward to featuring again in short order the second song on the LP – Perfect.

Heart Beach are about to start a tour of Australia with the culminating gig being in Tasmania. If you are anywhere near the shows, I would suggest taking an evening out in their company would not be something you would regret.

Nov 01 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 03 Oxford Arts Factory Sydney, NSW
Nov 04 The Phoenix Canberra, ACT
Nov 08 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 09 Rad Bar & Cafe Wollongong, NSW
Nov 10 Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle, NSW
Nov 11 Bloodhound Bar Fortitude Valley, QLD
Nov 15 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Nov 17 The Hotel Metro Adelaide, SA
Nov 22 Upstairs @ the Gasometer Collingwood, VIC
Dec 09 The Brisbane Hotel Hobart, TAS


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Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It – Single Review

The Welsh melancholic-rock band Blind Beggar recently revealed their latest track.

Blind Beggar - Say It Like You Mean It

Blind Beggar – Say It Like You Mean It

Regularly featured over the past year Say It Like You Mean It marks their first full studio recording.

It would be doing a disservice not to remark and give credit to Blind Beggar for their approach – as when stepping in to the Studio rather than reaching for every bell and whistle they could cram in to the track – Say It Like You Mean It is arguably their most stripped back song allowing the drifting sadness to wrest fluid from the tear ducts through the strength of its own writing structure, with the deep layering and emotional pull driven through the simple richness of all the elements.

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Swine Tax – Empty Life – Audio

The English melancholic-rock trio Swine Tax release the single Empty Life tomorrow.

Swine Tax

Swine Tax

A winding guitar gives the track (available on bandcamp) a soft velvety texturing through which an urgent bass and percussion bustle with a wistful voice topping off the just under four and third minutes of the song that builds in intensity through its duration.

Having spent the past year and a half establishing a regular local live performance circuit their recorded releases will, if justice is served, secure them a wider reach.

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