Lou Terry – Colours – Audio

Lou Terry is a melancholic-rock creator from England.

Lou Terry

Lou Terry

Despite having received notification of the EP Week of Bees, which came out at the tail end of last week and is available on bandcamp, early last month – once again I am late – my apologies.

I am, however, able to indulge in and obviate my sadness for the delay – the acoustics that slide around the room akin to dark clouds blowing in-front of a bright sun, bringing a despondency and chill, which is followed, as is often the case with music of dour countenance by a sense of enthused appreciation for all as the gloom clears once again to reveal the warmth.

Colours, my pick of the release, is the first of the four tracks.

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Dear Life, – Mild October – Audio

The English melancholic-rock quartet, Dear Life,, released the LP Hello Frankenstein! on the 11th.

Dear Life, - Mild October

Dear Life,

As with the scientist in the album title Dear Life, create a sapient entity in their laboratory, though rather than being a grotesque monster the roughly fifty one minutes, ten track, release (available on bandcamp) finds the music washes the listener in a cathartic, warm, sense of well-being as it delivers its theatrical movements.

The slowly unfolding ambient compositions each, individually, enrobe the listener with luxurious palettes of imagery and in combination result in an LP that is best enjoyed with plenty of time to recover in quiet contemplation long after the notes have faded from the room.

Currently touring the album in parts of England and France –


16th – EXETER, England Cavern Club
17th – CAMBRIDGE, England The Corner House
18th -SHEFFIELD, England West Street Live
19th – MANCHESTER, England The Thirsty Scholar
20th – LONDON, England Underbelly
21st – TROYES, France The Message
22nd – VENDEUVRE SUR-BARSE, France Théâtre de la Forêt d’Orient
23rd – ÉTAIN, France Fête de la Musique 2018
24th – LILLE, France Chez Madeleine
29th – READING. England Rising Sun Arts Centre


1st – STOURBRIDGE, England Claptrap

I would suggest that if Dear Life, happen to be in your area on this tour it would be well worth setting aside the evening.

Mild October is the fourth track.

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The Horn The Hunt – Push The Stone – Audio

The English melancholic-rock duo The Horn The Hunt will be releasing the LP Firewall & Silencio later this month.

The Horn The Hunt - Push The Stone

The Horn The Hunt

The gap since their last feature three years ago is on this occasion not my poor administration rather due to the fact that since 2015 there has been a period of quiet by the duo which has only been broken in the past few days with the first of the songs from the forthcoming album, Push The Stone, making its appearance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the texturing of the music has shifted over the years and although those of us who enjoy their creativity will be cheered by their return Push The Stone is a hauntingly beautiful downtempo return to the room.

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Martin Rubashov – Vantage Point – Audio

The Swedish melancholic-rock creator Martin Rubashov released the single Vantage Point on the 9th.

Martin Rubashov - Photo credit - Niklas Brodd

Martin Rubashov – Photo credit – Niklas Brodd

There is a warm undertow to Vantage Point which is drawn by an underpinning of acoustic instrumentation that pulls the listener inexorably in to the web of the multilayered composition with the vocal adding a singular identity of drifting sadness.

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Lambing Season – The Memory & The Flood – Audio

The Northern Irish melancholic-rock sextet Lambing Season release the LP Quickening of the Year next year.

Lambing Season

Lambing Season

All multitude of vocal harmonies gives the first track to surface from the album – The Memory & The Flood (released as a stand alone single available on bandcamp) – a layer of texturing that spins a web of silk through the room and immediately draws a lump in the throat, with various instrumentation including piano, guitars, percussion and brass laying in the hinterland as the back drop to the aching beautiful and sorrowful lead vocal – leaving the listener wiping away tear streaks from the face.

The wistful melodies indicate of an LP to be keeping a keen eye for as to when it surfaces.

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