Todd Kessler – Old Fashioned Way – Single Review

The US melancholic-folk creator Todd Kessler releases the single Old Fashioned Way tomorrow, within the past few minutes this has become available to share.

Todd Kessler

Todd Kessler

A brooding track that fills the room with a dour countenance yet which, like a funeral ceremony despite the tears, fills the listener with a feeling of invigoration by the very nature of its dark clouds as the audience take succour from the inward celebration of what has been and the revelations of what may be to come.

Once again a track which requires space to breathe through as full speaker set-up, though on this occasion not on full volume, allowing the heavy-hearted vocal and lugubrious guitar to evaporate as the sounds gently echo from the walls filling the mind with future purpose.


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MagicHour – Final Encore – Single Review

Within the past handful of hours the English melancholic-folk creator MagicHour released the single Final Encore.



Palling the room in palpable dark cloak which discovers the listener reaching for handkerchief to wipe the eyes there is an intrinsic beauty surrounding Final Encore (available on bandcamp) and one is minded to contemplate ‘this would be perfect for my own funeral’.

Often in the saddest moments of music one discovers the most beguiling compositions and through the combinations of Spanish Guitar and six stringer the audience finds a rapture in which there is only a desire that Final Encore last longers than the just under four and three quarter minutes it does.

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Somebody’s Daughter – Rots & Stinks – Audio

The English melancholic-folk creator Somebody’s Daughter releases the five track EP Pretty Game on the 11th.

Somebody's Daughter

Somebody’s Daughter

A release of  intense emotion as the expressive voice soars through the room to accompaniment of combinations of strings and bows reflecting on the bitter-sweet nature of love.

Pretty Game is a well constructed release as the songs, whilst holding a palpable sadness, are not cloying in sentiment with the listener captivated by the luxurious soundtrack.

My selection from the release is the penultimate Rots & Stinks.

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