Fred Seul – Wolves – Single Review

Fred Seul is a Danish melancholic-folk project.

Fred Seul

Fred Seul

With only a couple of tracks to hear, perhaps that is good in some way, as I don’t have another clean handkerchief to hand to dab away the tear streaked eyes.

Wolves – the newest track – flutters the heart with its luscious combinations of keys, percussion, strings and expansive vocal in a just over three and five sixths of a minutes composition that wrest highs and lows of mood from the listener as it bobs around the room.

Whilst the underpinning of Wolves is of a sense worried timidity towards others, ultimately, there is a thought that rather than throwing barbs at all around – a reach of invitation can result in a healing of the silos of self-imagined fear.

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Rachel Caddy – Reach For You – Single Review

The Australian melancholic-folk creator Rachel Caddy released the single Reach For You on the 30th of March.

Rachel Caddy

Rachel Caddy

The room fills with a haunting ambience as Reach For You (available on bandcamp) circles the listener.

The opening scene is set by the isolated vocal pealing through the ears in a fragile exposition, prior to tenderly laid instrumentation accompanying the expressive vocal in a song that unexpectedly builds in resilience and tempo as it builds to a cathartic crescendo, prior to drifting back in to quiet isolation.

Rachel Caddy posses both an extraordinarily capable voice as well as the ability to write and deliver immersive compositions and is a musician I look forward to hearing much more of over the coming years.

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Juliah – There Are Days – Audio

The Swedish melancholic-folk project Juliah released the EP Be Still on the 28th of February.



The compositions revolve around the expressive vocal which is able to well tears from the eyes with its emotive timbre. The quietly laid guitar and muffled percussion serve to add to the sense of melancholia as the emotionally charged songs drift quietly through the room.

My pick of the release being the second of the five tracks – There Are Days.

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Art Block – Eliza – Single Review

It has been almost two years since the English melancholic-folk creator Art Block last featured.

Art Block - Eliza

Art Block

The latest single, which came out on the 14th and is available on bandcamp, Eliza – takes Art Block in to even deeper sorrowful despondency than music previously featured with a bowed strings and piano led composition.

The quietly laid song slowly circles the mind as the haunting vocal plays almost inaudibly, like a faint shadow cast through sunlit mist, while piano forms dour chord changing melodies which layer the track with a sad countenance while cello creates the bleary, almost tangible, tears of wistful thought which permeate Eliza.

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Tina Boonstra – I Think I See You Now – Video

The English melancholic folk creator Tina Boonstra is due to release the EP My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again) on the 2nd of February.

Tina Boonstra

Tina Boonstra

The second song to be revealed from the EP, I Think I See You Now, was also released as a stand alone single on the 12th.

The frail tendrils of the song hang like an spiders web in a meadow on a frosty morning gleaming in the dawn sunlight, slender yet forthright. The open weave and simplicity of the architecture of I Think I See You Now surrounding the fragile vocal, which threatens to splinter as it emerges from the speakers, finds the audience hushed in unwavering attention as the emotionally charged composition floats through the room.


I Think I See You Now is available on Amazon.*

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*Purchases made through the Amazon link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.