Andrei Suciu – Ready – Audio

Andrei Suciu is melancholic-alt-rock creator from Romania.

Andrei Suciu - Origins - artwork

Andrei Suciu – Origins – artwork

Earlier this month the début LP – Origins was released. An eight track album which mixes up instrumental tracks with those with vocal which whilst predominately led by acoustic guitar adds a range of instrumentation and percussion to create material which has the similarity of a gloomy shadow casting through the room.

The closing track is the instrumental – Ready.

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Origins – Andrei Suciu is available on iTunes.*

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Borderline Girls – PGG – Audio

Borderline Girls is a US melancholic alt-rock project from the USA.

Borderline Girls

Borderline Girls

Surfacing with tracks from time to time – the latest to appear by Borderline Girls is the softly played, just over four minutes, blend of hazed instrumentation and sublime mournful voice which drifts through the room wrapping the listener in clouds of emotive layers which have a stupefying effect, resultingly, leaving the mind transfixed by the raw beauty of the song.

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