Bleach Party

Bleach Party from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Meghan MacDuff (Vocals / Guitar),  Bart Pappas (Guitar), Richard Giraldi (Bass) and Kaylee Preston (Drums).

Bleach Party - photo by 9 Muses Photo

Bleach Party – photo by 9 Muses Photo

It is perhaps apposite that Bleach Party from The Windy City fuse garage and surf rock into a tsunami of sound that envelops the room in swirling guitars that snuffle around the room exploring the darker crevasses. There is a relentless wave of sound that sweeps up all before it in a maelstrom of fuzz in which the listener becomes a tangible element.

I rarely recommend turning down the bass, as you know, in this instance pare it back and you will be in a space full of sounds you just want to play over and over again with various adjustments. There are few bands on the circuit able to deliver music which works equally well with full treble as full bass and no matter where you set the equalisers you will find Bleach Party fill the ears with joy – all you need to do is turn up the volume and let the quartet take care of the rest.

It was a fan of the band who made contact – and my thanks to Selina for doing that – I look forward to hearing more. If you would like to see a band featured just drop a note to tim @

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