Meggie Brown – Coming Back Again – Single Review

The English dark-rock project Meggie Brown released the début single Coming Back Again yesterday.

Meggie Brown

Meggie Brown

An intriguing one hundred and fifty five seconds reveal which needs the subwoofers to be set to full boost and everything else left as was, though kicked to loudest volume, with windows open (if you are in the nippy climes in which I exist today as I type (else move the freezer and open the door to try that) prior to hitting play to allow the chill blast of soundwaves to ripple the hairs on the forearm to form their own goosebumps in to the descent of every more gloomy self-doubt which circles the brain.

Set to a hypnotic guitar that takes control over the anteroinferior region of the temporal lobe, rather than descending in to an anxiety the listener finds themselves closing down access to the amygdala with glowing feeling of euphoria.

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