New Year Ninety 2016 – 80 to 71

My thanks to all the bands who create music as without you none of this website would be possible. Keep making the world a better place. As is always the nature of the New Year Ninety and Emerging Indie Bands, many of the bands featured no longer exist, though their legacy remains.

The New Year Ninety 2016 –  Eighty to Seventy One.

Hell Oh! - New Year Ninety 2016

Hell Oh!

80. Fine Animal (USA)

Before the Glow – Fine Animal is available on iTunes.*

79. Kill Your Boyfriend (Italy)

Isaac / Nicolas – Single – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

78. Good Morning Finch (Sicily)

Gemini – Good Morning Finch is available on iTunes.*

77. Viola Beach (England)

76. Maybe The Welders (USA)

Depth of My Love – Single – Maybe the Welders is available on iTunes.*

75. Hell Oh! (Brazil)

We’ve Got Nothing to Say but a Song – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

74. Even In Arcadia (Scotland)

Blue Prints – Single – Even in Arcadia is available on iTunes.*

73, Dioni (Greece / Australia)

Dioni – EP – Dioni is available on iTunes.*

72. The Circus Ship (Scotland)

71. Nervous Germans (Germany)

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Maybe The Welders – Girls and Guitars – Single Review

Maybe The Welders – the Garage rock quartet from the USA release the Single Girls And Guitars on the 7th July.

Maybe The Welders - Girls And Guitars

Maybe The Welders

As you read the preamble – play around with the speaker sound settings – turn up bass, hurl to maximum volume and give it another twist, stand up and create some floor space in which you can stamp your rhythm….. Whilst there are advantages to being a music reviewer, there are also disadvantages and in the back of my mind I knew, I knew I had blown my speakers this song when I was alerted to the release details and spent a good fifteen minutes checking the various websites to ensure I hadn’t already shared the track. Having first written about Maybe The Welders back in 2012 – they, as do many bands who I regularly feature through their development, often send me early demo material, even in concept stage and Girls And Guitars is a song I knew, because I knew the demo version.

Enough of the ‘knews’ you are thinking….

Girls And Guitars finds Maybe The Welders offering greater texture than previous releases, as the guitars are fused through gauze-strips and of more impression, the vocal, which now switches between two voices, are also blurred, giving the whole out-put, strangely enough, a far more powerful and confident stance. The percussion and bass, remain unchanged in their furious temper, which allows the band to deliver something new, with a sense of something already understood.

If this is the new direction of travel for Maybe The Welders, I get the feeling of good things ahead.

Girls And Guitars is available on bandcamp.

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New Year Ninety 2014 – 40 to 31

The New Year Ninety as always features a diverse range of musical styles and influences, reflective of the diverse musical interests of the readers.

Emerging Indie Bands - New Year Ninety

Emerging Indie Bands – New Year Ninety

40. Singleton (Ukraine)

Uncovered – Singleton is available on iTunes*.

39. Beyond Visions (Sweden)

Your Face Is Familiar – Beyond Visions is available on iTunes*.

38. Audio Disease (England)

Contagion – Audio Disease is available on iTunes*.

37. Wings Of Apollo (USA)

Wings of Apollo is available on iTunes*.

36. Kurws (Poland)

35. Maybe The Welders (USA)

34. David Rovics (USA)

33. The Known Pleasures (USA)

Let the Old Dreams Die – The Known Pleasures is available on iTunes*.

32. Katja Luhtala (Finland)

Safe European Home – Katja Luhtala is available on iTunes*

31. Dangerous Person? (Germany)

Diving – Dangerous Person? is available on iTunes*.

*Purchases made through the iTunes links will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Maybe The Welders – Paul Weller Shoes – Video

Maybe The Welders from the USA launch a new song.

Maybe The Welders

Maybe The Welders

It has been a while since I heard new tracks from Maybe The Welders and although a live recording via a phone even under those circumstances, Paul Weller Shoes seems as-though it has the potential for a strong new single – we will see.

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Sunshine from New York in the USA is the blues rock duo of Amy Santos (Bass / Vocals) and Steven Ferrara (Guitar / Lap Steel / Harmonica / Vocals) plus The Sunshine Nights – Rev. Crawford Forbes (Keys / Trumpet), Mike Lambert (Slide guitar / Banjo) and Pitti (Drums), plus guest artists.

Sunshine - roots blues from the USA


The more established readers will spot a couple of names from a review in August 2012 with Maybe The Welders and are still perhaps wondering how the tour in Brazil (from an October 2012 interview) turned out, I hope to be able to follow this up at some point, but time and tide….

Sunshine on the other hand are a different kettle of fish with their rootsy blues, what a wonderful place in which to wallow. From experience I know exactly how difficult it is to work with 12 bar blues and what joy it is when you get it right, though to be fair my knowledge as a ’70s punk vocalist and complexity are not natural bedfellows. Sunshine play across the spectrum of blues rock to deliver a sound that resides like a clay mould of the head.

The appositely named ten track debut LP Down And Up Blues finds the outfit exploring the nether regions of the genre and as I type I just wish I were sitting in a porch somewhere in the Southern States of The USA as the music evokes all that is fine about music excavating the origins, whilst bringing to the audience a sense of the here and now not just a retrospective.


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