Maybe The Moon – Glorious Machines – Audio

The US sultry-synth duo Maybe The Moon released the EP Glorious Machines within the past twenty-four hours.

Maybe The Moon - Glorious Machines

Maybe The Moon

From the five track EP (available on bandcamp) – three have previously featured – the title and opening number is another display of their unhurried sound which washes through the listener like a gentle caress of the cheek.

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Maybe The Moon – Washout – Audio

The US sultry-synth duo Maybe The Moon released their latest track – Washout – a few hours ago.

Maybe The Moon - Washout

Maybe The Moon

The waves of sound caress the ears as Maybe The Moon provide the audience with just over three minutes of silk threads which drift around the room gently enveloping the mind. Washout is a track in which the duo utilise flat notes regularly, giving it the depth of emotional context and the synths introduce a broader spectrum of electronic instrumentation, allowing the piece to spread its wings further than many of their earlier pieces.

With a series of free singles over the past few months, I am hoping Maybe The Moon will package some material together as the music is best heard on long-player when the listener can hit play just the once and immerse themselves in the hypnotic sounds.

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Maybe The Moon – Hammers See Nails – Audio

Maybe The Moon is an alt-synth duo from the USA who I will get back to when there is more music around.

Maybe The Moon

Maybe The Moon

For now – the sultry analogue synth seductiveness of  Hammers See Nails, which came out on the 4th and is available on bandcamp.

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