Morning Smoke

Morning Smoke is the alt-rock quartet of Milo, Max, Isaac and Chris from Brighton in England.

Morning Smoke - alt-rock from England

Morning Smoke

Heavily reverbed guitars drift across the room, whilst persuasive drum and bass provide a solid and surprisingly forceful back-bone to the tracks, as a shadowy vocals flickers between the sounds. Impressively, given the pulsing lower registers, Morning Smoke is able to avoid the smoky drift from becoming obscured and the listener is left with both a sense of fulfilling rock and simultaneously allowed to relax in the ethereal wafts of sound.

A couple of years behind them Morning Smoke have begun to spike their fan-base with an active stage presence over the summer behind them along with a new single Hunger set for release on the 1st December, which follows-up their EP In Euphoria, which came out earlier this year. If they are able capitalise on live performances over the coming months, 2015 should see a rapid upturn in their visibility.

The combinations of psychedelic shoegaze and pumping rock, gives the quartet an out-put which the listener wants to play again to capture the full effects of the compositions, that theoretically should collapse into a heap of cacophony but don’t as Morning Smoke skilfully melt the two into each other.

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Pord from Lozère in France is the alt-rock trio of Seb (Drums), Mike (Guitar / Vocals) and Max (Bass).

Pord - Wild - artwork

Pord – Wild – artwork

An established outfit, Pord deliver fervent disambiguation inside fractured compositions which rattle the very foundations of the room. The anomalies which lay therein gifts the resulting out-put a mesmeric intensity.

The rasping guitar sheds spiky shards of iron as it cleaves across the room, whilst the bass rumbles like a burbling diesel engine as the percussion pummels away as though threshing fields and through it all emerges a tortured vocal. The disparities combine to give the music an unstoppable intensity, that suckers in the audience to stand transfixed by the apparent chaos, which impressively forms into immediately coherent and expressive compositions.

A new LP, the seven track – Wild – is set for release on the 8th September. Having had the opportunity to listen to it and some of their previous work, this release will come as a welcome addition to the collection for those with older material and for those not familiar with the sound a startling introduction.

Prod have taken their collisions of sound, sped up the tempo and given the vocal a more defined discordance to produce a superbly crafted set of songs.


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Yard Duty

Yard Duty from Sydney in Australia is the garage rock trio of John, Zacc and Max.

Yard Duty - Garage Rock from Australia

Yard Duty

Painting their pictures by music, Yard Duty deliver Jackson Pollock with splashes of guitar that spray across the compositions, giving the music something of a freehand style. They are also able to turn up the volume and deliver distorted rock derived sounds. The unmistakeable vocal, half-spoken, plaintively calling out as though from the depths of the speakers works well, giving the lyric far more poignancy for the story being told.

The trio use the instrumentation intelligently with the percussion and guitars adding greatly to the atmosphere of the tracks enabling Yard Duty to deliver a sense of the poetic, providing barbs and context. Probably one of the most figurative garage rock sounds doing the rounds and it is a delight to come across the combinations, giving the trio a platform raised far above the general.

It is always a pleasure to come across a band who take a genre and turn it on it’s head to deliver something far better. Their début LP the eight track Mixed Business came out in September and I look forward to hearing a follow-up as Yard Duty potentially have much more to add to the world of music.


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