| mellowtone |

| mellowtone | is an alt-indie quintet from Fribourg in Switzerland, comprising Martina Birbaum (Vocals), Mirco Ackermann (Guitar), Matthias Haymoz (Bass), Ives Schmidt (Keys) and Beat Huber (Drums).

| mellowtone | - alt-indie from Switzerland

| mellowtone |

There is a pressing darkness that sweeps into the room while | mellowtone | deliver their blend of triphop and indie rock in luxurious layers of guitar and keys. The pulsating bass gives the material its weighty cloaking that envelops the listener in palpable melancholia, whilst the percussion spreads its wings from offering shimmering cymbals to crushing compression, whilst the scintillating vocal raises the sound to new heights.

Formed a few years ago – with well supported and regular attendance across their home-country it is only a sadness that their abilities are not more widely recognised as | mellowtone | are able to provide the audience with music that leaves them wanting to hear more. With some fortune there are a couple of LPs available along with a smattering of singles – as this is a quintet best listened to in lengthy sessions.

From their latest LP Broken Rooms – the first of the bakers-dozen of tracks – Long Gone.


Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

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