Skinwalkers – Fateless – Audio

Skinwalkers the Australian rock band who donate considerable time and energy to helping with homelessness have a new release out – Fateless.

Skinwalkers - Fateless

Skinwalkers – Fateless

Skinwalkers were first introduced as a band back in May of this year, though I had already spoken to Matt Turner a month prior to that for the Indie Music Tips series. During the intervening period the band moved from their long-time studio and a band member had a bad bone break. Having now set up in a new space they are back in full flow.

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Indie Music Tips #3 Making A Difference With Matt Turner

Matt Turner of the Australian band Skinwalkers talks about making a difference in episode #3 of the Indie Music Tips Series.



Through their tireless efforts in trying to help with Youth Homelessness issues, Skinwalkers are developing a highly recognizable message across the world.

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