MATILDAZ – Black Moon – Audio

The English dark-rock duo MATILDAZ released the EP – EP2 yesterday.



Those connected with the various sites will understand why I have not chosen to write a track by track review of the release as two of the five songs on EP2 (available on bandcamp) have been featured, so I will stick to one song to highlight and again – those of longer readership will understand exactly why I have selected this track – Black Moon – the penultimate – to feature.

Mangled guitar strings that bow below the one beneath I do enjoy and not only does bass but also lead guitar thus feature in the dark romance of Black Moon as MATILDAZ lay imagery to eclipse. The hunting guitars create a tribal footnote from which a lamenting vocal expostulates a reflective contemplative as the scantily pronounced percussion adds a touch of gravitational undertow which, unhindered, shifts the material moment -much like a sudden celestial darkness. At once both disconcerting whilst reassuring.

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MATILDAZ – From Here to There – Video

The English alt-rock duo MATILDAZ are currently putting finishing touches to an EP due for release next year.

MATILDAZ - From Here to There


When introduced last year I mentioned the slack bass strings and with some fortune Jackson still hasn’t got round to tightening them any further.

The just over two minute From Here To There chills its way into the room as though transported on a Gothic Altar as the duo use their minimalist approach to frame the track with an eerie mix of evocative vocal, threadbare percussion and that all too enjoyable bass.

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MATILDAZ – Tyrannosaur – Video

MATILDAZ from England, brought out their eponymous EP earlier this year.

MATILDAZ - EP - artwork

MATILDAZ – EP – artwork

A video for the opening track of the four – Tyrannosaur recently came to light.

Featuring as the prime weapon of choice – a bass guitar with strings so slack they almost fall off the fretboard – inevitably I will come back to write a full band review in due course.

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The EP is available on bandcamp.

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